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  • If you answered yes to even one of these questions, Lori can help you!

    Lori is the author of the funny, raw, honest, non-fiction book, “Dating, What The F*ck?”. At the ripe old age of 49 with 30 years of dating experience, she has been on the never-ending “dating roller coaster” and has been through it all; the ups, downs and loop the loops. The stories and experiences she has accumulated over the years can only be called “outrageous”, “absurd” and “laughable”.


Dating Self-Awareness and Self-Love


Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Dating Statistics

Dating Websites

Internet Dating and Creating Your Profile

First Dates

First Impressions

Qualifying Questions

Red Flags

Coaching is done over the phone-

$50 for the first appointment, which includes the book, “Dating, What The Fuck?” and a 25 minute session.

$37- 25 minutes

$70- 50 minutes

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