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Are you ready for a relationship and tired of trying to find someone else who is as well?  Have you had it with fake profiles full of lies?  Are you sick of the ridiculousness that occurs over and over again with all of the current dating sites and apps? People lie constantly about their age, income, job, marital status and what they are looking for.  Profiles are full of fake pictures and fake information.  Let’s not forget the pathetic texting over and over again to then be “ghosted”.  Way too many first dates are not leading to second dates.  It is like a battleground out there with an unfortunate number of casualties!

Let’s push the dagger in the heart a little deeper and twist it with some oh so fabulous information from “Datingnews.com.”

“One in 10 Online Daters Quit After Three Months”

“One in 10 Profiles are Fake”

“One in 10 Sex Offenders are on a Dating Site”

“Online Predators Commit 16,000 Abductions, 100 Murders & Thousands of Rapes a Year”

“Around 60% of profiles are of people already in a relationship”

My goal is to change all of this, and I am going to do it by creating a website for people who are truly “Relationship Ready”.  People on my site will be vetted; live interviews, background and criminal checks, checks on marriage and job status.  Personality tests will be given and questions will be asked.  

I am not playing around anymore and the time for an internet dating change is now! The site is beginning to be worked on, and I will be sure to keep you updated!

It is time to be happy about dating via the internet!  Success in finding a relationship is possible!

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