I did tell you all that I went to school for Dance and Theater, and that I love to break out into songs and create my own raps.  I am not sure how many songs are in my book, but there are a few and they all relate to the topic of each Chapter. 

Here’s a good one and it’s a popular throwback from the 80’s.  The best decade of songs ever! 

J. Geils Band- “Love Stinks” 

You love her

But she loves him

And he loves somebody else

You just can’t win

And so it goes

Till the day you die

This thing they call love

It’s gonna make you cry

I’ve had the blues

The reds and the pinks

One thing for sure

(Love stinks)

Love stinks yeah, yeah

(Love stinks)

Love stinks yeah yeah

(Love stinks)

Love stinks yeah yeah

(Love stinks)

Love stinks yeah yeah

Love stinks so bad the band has to say it over and over again in the chorus to make sure it is drilled into our heads!

Share your favorite songs and lyrics that relate to dating. I can’t wait to see what tunes go through your heads when you think of the game of dating, relationships and love!

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